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Gayatri Ajay Upadhyay   (Click here to go to her personal website)
Master Of Physiotherapy (Neurology and Other Psychosomatic Disorders)

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Dr. Gayatri Jadav Upadhyay, M.P.T. (Neuro), MIAP is a dynamic PT with skills as an Editor and a writer. Her real journey in the world of Physiotherapy took a geometric progression under the influence of

Mr. Mukesh Nayak as the editing experience with a renowned Physiotherapy Magazine name “Physiotimes” into her badge as well as under guidance of Dr. Krishna Sharma (PT) into the Editorial Board of Scientific Research Journal of India. She has served as an Academician and Clinical Physiotherapist for five years.


“The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you’re learning, you’re not old,” and she learns from inquisitive questions that posits in her mind.

Membership Affiliation:
Indian Association of Physiotherapists.
International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine.

A Highly motivated confident individual with exceptional multi-tasking and organization skills. Able to communicate effectively and sensitively with patients and carers to maximize the rehabilitation of patients and to ensure understanding of often complex clinical issues impacting on recovery. Excellent clients facing skills and the ability to work closely with other health care professionals to assess patients needs and devise suitable treatment plans for them.

Ready and qualified for the next stage in a successful career and looking forward to making a significant Contribution as a physiotherapist. Its a challenging work to utilize experience and make the bright carrier of students and professionals.

Strongest Assets and Skills: Academics (Teaching), Research, Author, Writer, Editor, Website Management, Social Media Marketing, Corel Draw Designing, Blogger

Presently -

Chief Instructor

Academy of Ergonomics and Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Physiopedia Editor since 2012


    1. Received “Young Achiever Award” from National Congress of Physical Therapy on 1st March ’14, Ghaziabad.
    2. Received “Significant Contribution Award” from Indian Association of Physiotherapists on 16th February ’14, Indore.


Author of the book: “THE CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF SOLEUS H – REFLEX IN LUMBOSACRAL RADICULOPATHY” published under Lap Lambert Publication.


Author of the book: CEREBRAL PALSY PARENT MANUAL FOR SEMLARASS published under RECOUP Publication.


  • Online Course on “Basic Office Ergonomics and Ergonomic Workplace Evaluation” from March 21st ’14 to present.
  • Workshop on “Basic Office Ergonomics and Ergonomic Workplace Evaluation” on 31st May – 1st June ’14 at Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad.
  • Participated in scientific session as a lead speaker on “Fibromyalgia – Knowing, Gauging, Managing and Ergonomics” at National Congress of Physical Therapy Conference at Ghaziabad, 1st March ’14.
  • Workshop on “Basic Office Ergonomics and Ergonomic Workplace Evaluation” on Feb   28th ’14 at Ghaziabad. Preconference Workshop at National Congress of Physical Therapy Conference March 1-2, ’14.
  • Participated in scientific session as a lead speaker on “Physiotherapy Management for Fibromyalgia and Neuropathic Pain” at Indian Association of Physiotherapists 52nd Conference at Indore, 14th -16th February ’14.
  • Guest Lecture for “Advanced Neurological Rehabilitation” in the workshop on Challenges in Neuro Rehabilitation at Bhopal, Rajeev Gandhi College on Jan 12th ‘14.
  • Workshop on Fibromyalgia & Neuropathic Pain
  • Venue: RECOUP Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre Conference Hall
  • Organisers: RECOUP Date: 20th & 21st July, 2013
  • Parenting a Cerebral Palsy Child
  • Venue: RECOUP Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre Conference Hall
  • Organisers: RECOUP, Bangalore - Date: 27th & 28th May, 2013
  • Participated in “Paper Presentation” in 2nd RECOUP International Conference on Ergonomics 2013” and won the Best Paper Presentation Award for “Risk Factors and Clinical Features of Text Message Injuries”.
  • Participated in “Evidence Based Seminar” in CONPHYCS ’07 Conference of Physiotherapy on Muscle Plasticity.

Dissertation Topics of Post Graduate level:


“The Clinical Significance of Soleus H – Reflex in L5-S1 Radiculopathy”.


Dissertation Topics of Graduate level:


“ Before Activity Using Calf Muscle"Stretchingex To Determine the Effectiveness of Stretching Before Activity Using Calf Muscle”.


"Gayatri Jadav's middle name is "Commitment". I am yet to come across a person with such high levels of dedication & involvement to the work she undertakes. She is always at the forefront in taking initiatives and is never afraid of speaking her mind, a quality that only a few possess in this world full of diplomacy and sycophancy. A 10 out of 10 is the score with which I would rate her, on most of life's parameters...May the Almighty Bless this energetic, upfront and outspoken young lady with success in all her endeavors."
Mukesh Nayak Director, PHYSIOTIMES

"Gayatri... A name known for her really very very vast and deep knowledge (and when I say really... it really means really), awesome clinical skill, innovative ideas, hard labour, and fearless critics in the Physiotherapy fraternity. The bad part in her is that if she starts working for any organization, she forgets herself and starts giving her full time planning and working for the progress of the organization. God bless her."
Dr. Krishna N. Sharma

“Well actually it’s very difficult to describe "Gayatri Ajay Upadhyay" in few lines because this name deserves a lot more of description and through simple words it is just next to impossible and trust me I really mean it..!! But in short You're the Inspiration for me because each time whenever I’m demotivated in this profession, you're the person about whom I use to think about and it really helps me out. And today I am feeling really humbled & blessed because now I am also a part of this novel profession and sharing my thoughts with my Inspirational lady.. Respect..”
Bishwa Ranjan Das

“Talented, hardworking and maintains professional ethics.”
Giftson Samuel