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Online Course on "Fibromyalgia: Gauge, Manage & Ergonomics"

A rationale behind the existence of FMS with evidence.

You'll never miss Fibromyalgia in your differential diagnosis!

This online course on Fibromyalgia talks about the rationale behind this chronic widespread condition with variety of current research studies into the possible causes and mechanisms of FM. Information is provided regarding using a sequenced protocol for management of their symptoms, and specific things they can do to supplement prescribed treatments.

If you are dealing with patients of Chronic Pain,             

This course is a MUST for you
“Fibromyalgia – Gauge, Manage & Ergonomics”
Topics Covered in this course –

Section I Lecture 1 - Objective of the course

Quiz 1: Check your knowledge regarding Fibromyalgia before starting the course.

Section 2: Overview of Fibromyalgia

Lecture 2: Introduction to Fibromyalgia

Lecture 3: History of Fibromyalgia/FM/FMS

Lecture 4: Epidemiology of Fibromyalgia

Section 3: Connect the dots - Pathophysiology & Risk Factors of Fibromyalgia

Lecture 5: Pathophysiology of FMS

Lecture 6: Risk Factors of FMS

Section 4: Lecture 7 Clinical Manifestations of Fibromyalgia

Section 5: A Comprehensive Evaluation Enhancing the Diagnosis & Assessment of Fibromyalgia

Lecture 8: Assessment of Fibromyalgia

Lecture 9: Differential Diagnosis of FMS

Lecture 10: Investigations for FMS

Section 6: Lecture 11 Overview of Management of FMS

Lecture 12: Phase I Rehabilitation

Lecture 13: Phase II Rehabilitation

Lecture 14: Phase III Rehabilitation

Lecture 15: Phase IV & V Rehabilitation

Lecture 16: Evidence Based Management of FMS

Section 7: Lecture 17 - Exercise Prescription & Home Exercise Programme for Fibromyalgia

Section 8: Lecture 18 - Nutritional Diet for FMS

Section 9: Lecture 19 - Role of Ergonomics in FMS

Section 10: Lecture 20 - Take Home Message

Section 11: Practical Session

Lecture 21: Case Studies

Section 12: ReCheck Your Gain from the course

Quiz 2: ReCheck your knowledge regarding Fibromyalgia as you have completed the course.

Online Course on "Basic Office Ergonomics and Ergonomic Workplace Evaluation"

Course Learning Outcomes

This training will teach you how to perform an ergonomic analysis applicable in the industry, healthcare, and office workplace. It will help you to identify potential hazards that contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders. You’ll learn the element and application of an Ergonomics Jobsite Analysis forms and other basic ergonomic assessment tools. Using best practices, the course will guide you the implementation of cost-effective, high-impact solutions for prevention of workplace injury. You will be able to crack practical solutions for risk reduction and increasing employee productivity.

“Basic Office Ergonomics and Ergonomic Workplace Evaluation
Course Details”
Topics Covered in this course -

1. Overview of Ergonomics
2. Overview of WRMSDS
3. Application of Ergonomics
4. Identifying the risk factors
5. Subjective Ergonomic Workplace Analysis (EWA)
6. Objective Ergonomic Workplace Analysis
7. Self-Assessment Tools
8. Ergonomic Analytic Eyes
10. Selecting the right Chair
11. Setting up an Ergo Friendly workstation
12. Preventive measures for WRMSDs
13. Generating a written report for industries/companies
14. Marketing ergonomics services and Calculating Return on investment (ROI) 15. Importance of Ergonomics Training