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Highest Quality Continued Education

Ergonomics, FMS and WRMSDs

Basic Office Ergonomics and Ergonomic Workplace Analysis 
Credit Hours - 8

This training will teach you how to perform an ergonomics analysis applicable in the industrial, healthcare, and office workplace. It will help you to identify potential hazards that contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders. You’ll learn the element and application of an Ergonomics Jobsite Analysis forms and other basic ergonomic assessment tools. Using best practices, the instructor will guide you the implementation of cost-effective, high-impact solutions for prevention of workplace injury. You will be able to crack practical solutions for risk reduction and increasing employee productivity.

Fibromyalgia - A Pragmatic Approach to Gauge, Manage & Ergonomics 
Credit Hours - 8

If you are dealing with patients of 

Chronic Pain,

This course is a MUST for you

Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders
Credit Hours - 2